2014 Update

It’s been a while, so I figure I should do a nice big update for everyone.

Alexzander is now nine & in year three. His favourite things are riding his bike & building Lego creations. He is learning how to play the drums, as well as doing acrobatics and swimming lessons. He’s a pretty awesome little guy, becoming so independant making his own breakfast & lunch every day as well as helping out with Finn. His current request is to learn how to cook dinners, something I enjoy him helping with.

Juliette is six and started school this year. She loves to read and draw, her favourite books are Fancy Nancy and Billie B Brown. One of her favourite activities is dancing, this year she is doing tap and ballet as well as acrobatics and swimming lessons. She’s an amazing girl, picking up everything she tries very quickly. She reads & writes so well and is learning sign language too.

Finnian turned two this year and is a typical toddler. His obsessions are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and the Disney Planes movie. He loves his swimming lessons and goes to playgroup at the sustainability centre. He is mummy’s boy & is never far from my side.

Aaron will be starting a new job in three weeks, in Melbourne. He will be living with a friend until just after Christmas when I will move down with the munchkins and kitties.

I’m still a stay at home mum (which I adore), I’m also studying Auslan (Australian Sign Language) to become an interpretor in the future.

That’s pretty much it for the moment. I’m just getting things all organised on the blog so when we make the big move to Melbourne we can keep everyone up to date with what’s happening at Hawker Central.

Talk soon,
Sarah xx

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